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Enjoy Orca whale watching from Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, WA

Help the Whales!

Watch Whales, Help Whales. Gain in-depth knowledge about our protected and precious marine ecosystem onboard all of our tours.

Our Southern Resident orcas are hurtling towards extinction and they need our help now! PLEASE BECOME A MEMBER OF THE CENTER FOR WHALE RESEARCH!

Here are a few ways YOU can help save our Oceans!  Save Our Oceans And We Will Save The Whales!

Stop purchasing farmed fish, including shellfish!

Farmed fish are fed large amounts of chemicals to keep the fish somewhat healthy.  The problem is, our wild fish are getting horrible diseases from farmed fish. These fish are responsible for these viruses that are devastating our wild salmon populations!  Watch the documentary “Salmon Confidential” for more information.

Think about what you put down your drains!

Whatever we flush will eventually end up in our waterways and ultimately the ocean.  Shampoo, dish soap and soap are surfactants, and all are devastating to our ocean ecosystems.  Purchase biodegradable products or make your own cleaning products using vinegar, baking soda, citrus, etc.

Beware of bad farming practices.

Synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers eventually make it into our waterways and oceans.  Support your local organic farmer, food co-op, or organic section of your grocery store to end bad farming practices!

Reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing local foods in season.

Our foods should not have to arrive in a truck that came 2,000 miles across the country!

Help stop stormwater runoff and poor erosion control practices!

The top 6″ of soil is often the most polluted, and it is a result of oil and antifreeze leaking from cars. If we don’t control and filter stormwater runoff, we will continue to kill our bays and estuaries.  Little fish live and breed in bays and along estuaries in water contaminated with chemical runoff.  Big fish eat these little fish, and this chemical cycle expands. Kill this nursery and everything will be lost!


Boats don’t kill whales and wildlife; people do!  Make sure vessel operators have not been in violation of the Endangered Species Act regarding viewing distances.  When observing wildlife, chose a company that is responsible and conscientious about viewing wildlife. Most mammals are endangered because of human practices and we need to give mammals a break!  I’m just one caretaker of these magnificent animals. Whales are my friends, and this is what I do. Please help me protect orcas and educate others…  Only through education will we learn to live in harmony with The Universe.

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